Pikes Peak Competencies for Professional Geropsychology Practice:
Online Tool Administration via GeroCentral.org

GeroCentral offers this competencies evaluation tool for the use of all psychology professionals and trainees. The tool is a self-rating instrument in which you indicate your level of competence in nine categories of knowledge and skills by answering a series of questions in each category. A brief assessment of your competency level in these nine categories is offered at the end of the test. You may also print a copy of the test results for study and evaluation with your teachers or mentor.

If you opt to save your test results in our secure database, you may re-take the examination periodically, allowing you to compare your competency levels from one instance to the next. Comparative charts and graphs are available so you can visualize your progress. In order to correlate instances of the exam, you will be required to set up a password protected account on our server.

GeroCentral would like to collect information about your background and training experiences along with your competencies self-assessment results. This information will be used to provide normative comparisons for those at different levels of training and geropsychology exposure/experience over time. We do not ask for specific identifying information, and no information about any individual will be revealed on any report, publication, or at scientific meetings. We anticipate that the collection and reporting of this de-identified data will facilitate a better understanding of the types of training needed to develop specific geropsychology attitudes, knowledge, and skills. We hope that everyone completing the tool will allow us to collect their data, but those who do not wish to do so may opt to skip these background questions and decline to save your responses. Responses can not be saved over time without consenting to the collection of your data.

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